One protective coating
for ALL your surfaces…
at home or in the

One protective coating for ALL
your surfaces…at home or in the

Do Away With Harsh Cleaning Chemicals, Forever!

No nasty chemicals, no stop-gap solutions. Our protective coatings have one job, and one job only: repelling bacteria, dirt, grime and liquids to keep your surfaces looking just the way they did on day one – your ultimate protection from the elements and everyday use.

Nano in the home

Our residential coatings are all about protecting the things you love, from BBQs and outdoor furniture, to kitchen and bathrooms…even your favourite shoes.

Keeping your assets protected, clean, resilient and sanitary has never been easier.

Nano in the workplace

Our commercial coatings are all about protecting your surfaces from everyone that comes through your doors, from store fronts to bars and floors…even your customer toilet.

Chat with the Nano team about keeping your surfaces looking the part.

Nano is perfect for:

Floors | Doors | Benchtops | Cupboard Interiors and Exteriors | Glass Showers | Windows | Balustrades | Baths | Tapware | Stainless Steel | Painted Surfaces | Fixtures | Garage Doors | Tiles | Aluminium Joinery | Outdoor Furniture | Windowsills | Skylights | Shower Glass Protection | Appliances Solar Panels