Shower Glass Protection, Residential &
Commercial Surface Protection

Do Away With Harsh Cleaning Chemicals, Forever!

Nano Protective Coatings are a REVOLUTIONARY range of products that infiltrate all pores on all surfaces to become a super non-porous, sterile coating that is solid and impenetrable, repels bacteria, dirt, grime and liquids, and keeps your expensive assets protected..


Imagine if all of your expensive assets and surfaces were unable to be scratched, scraped or stained, and wouldn't discolour or fade with time? And if all of your working surfaces from your shower glass protection to your shower floor were 100% bacteria-repelling and could never concede to mould, mildew, scum or grime? Talk to us now about Nano Protective Coatings and how we can extend the life of your expensive assets.

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Nano protection is PERFECT for protecting almost all surfaces and textiles in your home from your carpet, to your stainless steel appliances. We have products to protect, sterilise and expand the lifetime of your assets that will save you costly and harmful chemicals and cleaning products, and fully protect & rejuvenate your assets. Read More...

Keeping Your Assets Protected, Clean, Resilient and Sanitary Has Never Been Easier.

Surface Protection  |  Advanced Acid & Chemical Resistance  |  Incredible Durability  |  Scratch & Scour Resistant   Anti Grafitti   High UV Resistance   Minimises Aging & Fading  |  Full Surface Sanitisation  |  Repels Liquids, Grime, Grease, Dirt, Bacteria, Mould & Mildew   100% Eco-Friendly & Safe   | Corrosion Proof  |  Impenetrable  |  Human and Pet Friendly  |  Indoor & Outdoor Protection  |


Corrosives, water, abrasives, temperature change, bacteria and fungi all contribute to the ageing and deterioration of surfaces in work environments and buildings. Grime, grease and dirt require costly cleaning products and time to remove, so it makes complete sense to take advantage of quality, protective coatings to ensure the lifespan of the substrates.

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Our Nano Protective Coating is world-renown for its strength, impenetrability and rejuvenation ability in the commercial world, and has seen massive cleaning-cost reductions across many industries from Hotels to Hospitals. Read More...

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Nanotechnology is a science that deals with matter on an incredibly small scale. A single human hair is around 80,000 nanos wide so you can imagine how tiny a single nano is.

Being so tiny, nanoparticles are able to penetrate pores on all surfaces or objects that look 'solid' or 'whole' to the human eye.

You may think your granite benchtop/floor or stainless steel counter is impenetrable or ‘non-porous’ but in fact they are porous, on a microscopic scale.

These pores allow for bacteria and grime to gather, making almost all surfaces in general unsanitary unless you use strong chemicals on them regularly – which are damaging to the surfaces.

Nanoprotect particles fill these pores and form a solid, impenetrable coating that is 100% sterile. NOTHING can stick to our Nano Protective Coatings PERMANENTLY.