Metals in Kitchens

Whether your client wants a minimalist kitchen or a comfy rustic-style kitchen, there are metal surfaces to suit every style, want, and need.

Mixing metal types in kitchen-design has had a big comeback since 2017 and mixtures of stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze or chrome is current and on trend right now.

With kitchens being temperate, often humid, and the busiest room in households, maintaining metal surfaces and finishes' appearance can be tricky.

While metals look beautiful when they’re first installed, they can be difficult to maintain as far as visual aesthetics go.

Ferrous (iron based) hard metals react to moisture, chemicals and temperature, and are prone to rust. Non-ferrous metals (copper, lead, zinc) being softer metals are prone to dents and dings, and to oxidation caused by humidity, acids and liquid spills.

remove water marks

All metal surfaces are prone to scratching, and all metals attract fingerprints and smudges. Cleaning down metal surfaces can leave visible water and soap residues that require more effort to remove using microfibre cloths. And using scourers or harsh brushes can leave nasty scratched patches, ruining the look.

The automobile and marine industries for years have been working on perfecting the creation of an impenetrable coating that could be applied to boats and car exteriors to prevent scum from sticking to them.

This lead to research and development into creating a similar product for residential and commercial use to protect homes and business surfaces and from deterioration by developing an impenetrable, hydrophobic surface protectant that could be used on any surface or object, maintaining it’s brand new look.

Nano Protects’ new, revolutionary, cutting-edge surface protection service means any and all surfaces in homes can now be protected from the elements, and day to day life.

Think of it as an invisible coating that allows metals and other surfaces of all kinds to maintain their new look, while repelling water, dirt, grime, mould, mildew, fingerprints, water marks, stains, acid, chemicals and bacteria, and protecting them from permanent scratches and grazes.

Nano Protect offers 100% sanitisation to surfaces it’s applied to, so it’s PERFECT for metal bench tops, steel appliances and all metal finishes.

clean stainless steel

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