Timber doors, furniture and finishes can take a hammering in busy households.

While we do have options of varnishing, painting or oiling to protect timber surfaces, these only offer a temporary solution of surface protection. Therefore, keeping timber looking brand new requires a new protective coating solution.

Oils like linseed are a short-term solution and need to be reapplied at least every 6-months.

Polyurethane has a tendency after time to crack, chip, and become visually 'cloudy'.

Oil-polyurethane hybrids have a life-expectancy of around 3-years, at which point timber becomes vulnerable to moisture absorption.

Paint, while durable to some degree, can't take strong knocks and once it's chipped, the core wood easily absorbs humidity and bacteria.

Ex-factory pre-coated timber doors and accessories are often only coated with one layer of protectant, be it paint or polyurethane.

To get value from expensive timber assets, it makes sense to have them coated additionally with an impenetrable surface protectant like our titanium dioxide based products.

titanium dioxide nano sealer auckland

The Ultimate Surface Protection

Our revolutionary titanium-based surface protectants, protect timber assets so they last a longer.

Wooden doors, jams, skirting, walls, sills, indoor and outdoor furniture, you name it - we've protected it.

Nano protective coatings are made from titanium and are 100% environmentally friendly, 100% hydrophobic, and offer incredible durability, acid and chemical resistance, and are mould and mildew-proof.

Literally, nothing can stick to Nano protective coatings because of the nanostructure of the molecules in our products.

Let us help you give your clients reassurance that their new timber products will last a lifetime and maintain their original beauty.

Our full protection service offers no-obligation, on-site quotes and we stand by our products.

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