Cleaning Glass Showers

Most high-spec homes have frameless glass shower enclosures these days for their contemporary  and luxurious open-plan feel and look.

Glass showers allow a maximisation of bathroom space, and offer an extravagant, spa-like ambience.

All glass deteriorates over time.

Just like rusted metals, glass attracts and holds moisture, causing aqueous corrosion (yes, glass "rusts" too!).

There are three main causes for this: calcium deposits from your hard-water source, bacteria/scum filling the pores of the glass itself, and the level of acidity/alkalinity of your water.

While new shower glass will gleam and sparkle, it’s only a matter of time before one or all three of these deterioration factors occur.

how do i clean shower glass

Mould, mildew,  milky or cloudy patches, or a roughness to the touch are all signs your shower glass is corroding.

What we know as "soap scum" isn’t just remnants of soap or shampoo we use daily in the shower. It’s actually a combination of soap froth and the minerals in our water that combine, creating a hard, scaly white or grey film that firmly fixes to the shower glass.

While there are some old remedies that may work temporarily to remove the bacteria or scum at least (eg: microfibre scrubbing brushes), harsh chemicals or acids often create more visual or physical damage to the glass, and the scum itself is impossible to remove.

We’ve all taken to our glass showers hoping old recommended remedies will work, or purchased expensive harsh chemicals and scrubbers hoping our shower will come up looking new again.

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This is what new shower-glass looks like under a microscope:

Simply put, all glass is porous, and only has a limited lifespan when it’s continually exposed to our treated water. Scum, bacteria, mold and mildew all settle in the pits of the glass, causing hard buildup and calcification.

There are 2 options for removing this:

The first is to have it mechanically removed (literally grinding the scummy surface away, just like cutting and polishing a car).

The other option?

Opt for an impenetrable, protective coating from new that will fill the glass pores on a nano-scale, creating a super-smooth coating that will repel anything from clinging on to the surface.

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