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Imagine if all of your expensive assets and surfaces were unable to be scratched, scraped or stained, and wouldn't discolour or fade with time?  And if all of your working surfaces from your bench-top to your shower floor grout were 100% bacteria-repelling, and could never concede to mould, mildew, scum or grime? Imagine never having to scrub or scrape scum off surfaces again!

Nano Protective Coatings is your ultimate surface protection solution that is PERFECT for protecting almost all surfaces and textiles in your home, from your benchtop to your stainless steel appliances. We have products to protect, sterilise and expand the lifetime of your assets that will save you having to buy costly and harmful chemicals and cleaning products, and will fully protect & rejuvenate your assets.

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Kitchens and bathrooms are extremely prone to scum build-ups, mould, mildew and soap residues that generally require harsh chemicals and loads of elbow grease to remove.

With Nano Protective Coatings, cleaning the bathroom is a simple rinse and wipe down with no chemicals required.

Nano Protective Coatings create a clear glass-like shield, preventing anything from bonding to your surfaces.

The protective layer makes water bead up, encapsulating dirt and scum and simply rolling off the surface when rinsed off.

Nano Protective Coating is fantastic for protecting your expensive kitchen and bathroom assets from glass to tiles, stainless steel, porcelain, timber and more.

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Stainless steel bench-tops, hardware and appliances are notoriously easy to scratch and those scratches are impossible to repair.

Stainless steel is also tricky to keep looking clean from fingerprints, grease and fat spills, and water marks.

Nano Protective Coatings mean you can say goodbye to all of these issues!

Your Nano Coating will not only coat all of your stainless steel with a protection-layer it will also eliminate bacteria, grime and marks as these simply can't adhere to Nano-treated surfaces.

Your stainless steel will look brand-new again,  and will no longer concede to scratches, scrapes and scour marks.

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We have protective coating solutions for almost all materials and textiles, from your tables and doors to your carpet, couches, leather and even glass. 

Coating your soft indoor fabrics, furniture and carpets against liquids, spills, stains, dirt and general wear and tear gives your assets the lifespan you want from them so you get the value from them that you wanted when you first purchased them. Whether your items are brand-new or existing, you can keep them looking new.

Once we've treated your assets, nothing at all can bond and dry on the surfaces as Nano Protect repels everything!

No more scratches or buff marks, no staining, watermarks, grime or dirt will ever grace your assets again once Nanoprotect has been applied.

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Outdoor furniture is expensive, and with our exposure to the elements in New Zealand it can deteriorate and discolour quickly.

If you live close to a beach, you could be prone to salty air that causes rusting and perishes organic fibres. With inner city living, your outdoor furniture will be more prone to mould, mildew and dry-rot.

Nano protection is your ultimate solution for protective coatings for your outdoor furniture. Keeping your furniture looking like it's brand new!

It's not just your furniture that needs protecting - if you have a spa or swimming pool, Nano Protective Coatings are the perfect solution to avoiding bacterial grown on the lining of the pool/s.

No more winter slime to clean up, and no more filters to replace each year!

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