A multi-surface, protective coating for the things you love

BBQs. Outdoor furniture. Kitchens and bathrooms…even your favourite shoes. Whatever it might be that you have around the house, we know that protecting the things you love is right up there on your priority list. That’s where we come in. At Nano Protective Coatings, we’ve helped countless homeowners across Auckland and beyond. For us, it’s all about keeping your assets and surfaces looking just like they did on day one – your ultimate protection from the elements and everyday use.

One product to last a lifetime (almost)

In a world where nothing lasts forever, our protective coatings aren’t a temporary, stopgap solution like a lot of other products you’ll find out there. It’s been created to last, and while we can’t promise it will keep your surfaces perfect forever, we know one thing for sure: it lasts a bloody long time!

No nasty chemicals

It’s pretty simple. Our protective coatings are eco-friendly products that are safe for the whole family (even your four-legged friends), so you won’t have to worry about any nasty chemicals.

shower glass cleaning product AUckland

Chat with the Nano team about keeping your home surfaces looking the part.

Where does Nano Protective Coatings work best?

From glass to tiles, stainless steel, porcelain, timber and more, our protective coatings repel bacteria, dirt, grime and liquids on almost any surface:

●     Kitchen surfaces

●     Bathroom surfaces

●     Shower Glass

●     Stainless steel and tapware

●     Furniture (both indoor and outdoor)

●     Doors

●     Skirting

●     Windows

●     Aluminium Framing

●     Garage Doors