Why Use Flooring Protection?

Flooring in kitchens can be an expensive investment, so you want to ensure you get long life from your floors, whatever kind you choose.

Kitchen floors can take an absolute punishing in family homes.

Foot traffic, pets, food and drink spills, foot scuffs, breakages, overflowing sinks, the list goes on!

Research suggests that ceramic kitchen tiles are the most resilient, stain-opposing floors you can get for busy households.

They can take everything from spills and floods to pets and kids, all the while maintaining their new look.

The pros do outweigh the cons, however some of the cons are concerning.

The sheer strength and density of ceramic tiles means any breakages when a plate or glassware is dropped are spectacular.

Shards are sent flying everywhere, and you’ll forever be finding them in odd places (like the kids’ feet!).


Flooring Deterioration

Another downside is grout deterioration.

The kitchen is the busiest room in most homes, so grout can discolour and deteriorate pretty quickly.

Ceramic tiles can also be very cold on the feet in cooler months. Polished concrete is much the same, unless underfloor heating is added into the mix.

Marble, vinyl, timber, laminate, carpet and porcelain all have their pros’ and cons’.

They may look beautiful when they’re first laid, but give it a couple of years and visually you can easily notice the deterioration.


Ultimate Flooring Protection

Our revolutionary flexible flooring protection coatings offer impenetrable flooring protection.

We have products for all types of flooring materials, giving them maximum protection year in and year out.

Our protection products allow all types of flooring to maintain their new look and insulation qualities, and repel any and all grime, bacteria, fluids and impacts.

Nano Protect is your floors' best friend!

We apply Nano protective coatings to any and all surfaces hard or soft, giving them a hugely increased lifespan, while maintaining their original qualities and aesthetics.

While protecting your floor surface, Nano Protect also offers 100% bacteria resistance, incredible durability, super-easy cleaning, all while repelling grime, grease, dirt, acids and grease.


Call us now and let us help you help your new clients protect their beautiful new flooring.

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