According to the Building Research Association NZ, there are 4 main factors that cause deterioration of building materials both indoors and outdoors in NZ, at far higher levels than most other countries. While some countries may be affected by only one or two of these factors, we are unique in that we are surrounded by 15,000km of coastline so we're exposed to all four at once.

High humidity, salt carried inland via the wind, high solar radiation (from long sunshine hours) and sulphur-containing gases in geothermal regions are the leading causes of deterioration to building materials in New Zealand.

Protective coatings

We use the same building materials used elsewhere in the world, but obviously here we have a higher, faster material deterioration rate – causing costly maintenance or replacement.

Decking, cladding, garage doors, timber, aluminium joinery, roofing, glass, steel and marble are all affected to some degree by our harsh elements and are prone to surface deterioration.

Almost every natural or man-made surface apart from diamonds (and a select-number of other gems and metals) under a microscope,  are porous.

It's these pores that allow scum and grime to build up in, causing visual and physical deterioration.

Our impenetrable surface-coating products fill these pores on a nano-scale, giving all surfaces an invisible armour, repelling everything that comes into contact with them.


Nano Protect: the "Lotus Effect"

The lotus plants’ leaves have mastered retaining their beauty and longevity perfectly with their evolutionary hydrophobic leaf coating.

This coating acts as an interface between the surface of the leaf, and the environment.

This surface not only repels water, but allows water droplets to take any and all peripheral dirt & grime with them as droplets roll off the surface of the leaf.

Nano Protective Coatings give your building materials and surfaces exactly the same impenetrable protection, but on an industrial scale.

Surfaces protected with Nano Protect are completely repellent to the elements that cause building material deterioration in New Zealand.

No-more mildew, mold, soap-scum, water marks, scratched surfaces, colour fading, greasy fingerprints, scuffs or stains.

NOTHING can grip to or be absorbed by surfaces coated with Nano Protective Coatings.

Once applied to surfaces, Nano Protect literally repels any and everything that you can throw at it including paint, dirt, scum, oil, grease, acid, chemicals and more.

Nano Protection is your all-out surface protection service that uses environmentally friendly products to protect any and all surfaces, both indoors and out.

Surface protection

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