Nano Protective Coatings for Your Business

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Protecting your business assets can save you a small fortune in replacement costs for general wear and tear. In high foot-traffic areas, general surfaces from floors to walls and doors can take a daily beating and require consistent cleaning and maintenance to keep them up to standard. Nano Protective Coatings have been specially developed to endure extreme wear and tear, all the while maintaining and protecting your expensive assets.

While other protective coatings offer a short-term solution, Nano Protect will maintain and protect all of your surfaces without wear. Nano Protective Coatings are your most cost-effective solution for reducing maintenance and asset replacement costs, and keeping your assets looking brand new.

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Flooring with high foot-traffic takes a daily punishing of scratches, scuffing, burring and marking along with general grime and scum buildup. Coating your floors with Nano-Protection protects your existing flooring and markedly reduces cleaning costs, leaving a high-shine, impenetrable surface.

Flooring is expensive and replacement is costly, so maintaining your flooring makes sense. Nano-Protection is your ultimate solution for coating your existing flooring and preventing staining, discolouring, chipping, scrapes and scratches.

It also repels bacteria and mould/mildew simply can't grow on it - so your flooring is guaranteed to look like new. Nano Protective Coatings are colourless so won't change how your flooring looks - but it certainly will give your flooring a fantastic shine, and your cleaners will be thankful at how easy and quick it will be to clean.

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Nano-Protection is perfect for keeping your glass assets looking perfectly clean (just like new!), and protecting them from fungus and bacteria growth.

Because of the size and structure of nanoparticles, Nano Protective Coatings are simply impenetrable, and nothing can stick to them.

Nano-Protection on your windows and glass balustrades means the buildup of scum and bacteria no longer eventuates. A simple spray with water and scum particles bead up with the water, running off and leaving a perfectly clean surface behind.

Nano Protect is sprayed onto your glass leaving an invisible but powerful coating that hardens perfectly clear, leaving your glass protected from the elements, and reducing your cleaning costs.

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Anywhere that has running water is prone to mildew and mould growth.

Office bathrooms and company kitchens are notorious for bacteria and general dirt and grime build-up from constant use by staff and the public.

Cleaning kitchens and bathrooms is tedious and time-consuming, and often done using harsh, damaging chemicals.

Nano Protection is your perfect solution for keeping your wet areas looking brand new, free of bacteria and grime, and leaving them super-easy to clean.

Nano Protective Coatings will eliminate grease, grime, mildew, scuffing, scratching and burring, all the while offering a solid, sanitary, impenetrable coating that's super-easy to clean.

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Stainless steel bench-tops, hardware and appliances are notoriously easy to scratch and those scratches are impossible to repair.

Stainless steel is also tricky to keep looking clean from fingerprints, grease and fat spills, and water marks.

Nano Protective Coatings mean you can say goodbye to all of these issues forever!

Your Nano Coating will not only coat all of your stainless steel with a protection-layer it will also eliminate bacteria, grime and marks as these simply can't adhere to Nano-treated surfaces.

Your stainless steel will look brand-new again,  and will no longer concede to scratches, scrapes and scour marks.

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